Community Education Council

In April 2013 the DOE announced a plan to move my children’s school (PS 150) out of Tribeca to seed a new school in Chelsea.

Parents opposed the move. Against the odds, with help from elected officials and community bodies, a team of parents built a unique relationship with DOE administrators and succeeded at keeping PS 150- now a national Blue Ribbon award winner- at home.

As PTA Treasurer, I was a key member of our parent team. I brought a thoughtful and collaborative approach to help channel parent energy towards strategic goals, and used my technology consulting background to decode DOE bureaucracy, interpret plans, track budgets, and distill data.

I also learned of CEC D2 and started attending open meetings. If I’m fortunate enough to win a council seat, I hope to help in two ways.

First, to assist with the work in D2, especially downtown, as schools strive for excellence while parents and kids face challenges with high stress testing and admissions, lack of transparency, loss of diversity, overcrowding, under-planning, under-funding, and state intervention.

Second, to enhance CEC D2’s coverage in areas most impacted by technology, like privacy and equity.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jonah Benton

PS150 PTA 2012-2015 - Treasurer
PS150 PTA 2011-2012 - VP Technology
I have 25 years of technology consulting experience with a range of educational clients and mission-oriented non-profits, including, Scholastic, Columbia University, and Consumer Reports.