Compiler Driven Development with Go

On the small Golang codebases I’ve recently been working with- hundreds to a few thousand lines- I have repeatedly gotten into refactoring parties, piling the implementation of one brainstorm on top of another with only minimal preplanning. I’m finding that as long as I can get my changes to compile, they work. So- there I go, plunging headstrong into the jungle, carving and slicing and moving things around. When I’m ready to get out, there’s the compiler at my side, super fast, giving me the string I need to follow to put it all back together.

Kuukla and Sonos

Having confirmed the death of our CR100, I wanted to get back to the place where my son could have a single-purpose, wireless-but-safe-from-the-internet, non-privacy-invading device to control his music. On the forums, many Sonos customers suggested using old iPads or Android devices, along with kiosk-mode apps to restrict use on the device only to the Sonos app. I didn’t see much in the way of HOWTOs on concrete experiences, though. So, here’s mine.

Sonos CR100, RIP.

When our older girl was 6, and our younger 3 or 4, we moved my original Sonos ZP100, its CR100, and a pair of Orb speakers into their shared room. At first we connected it only to our purchased music. Later we hooked it up to streaming music accounts. We let them listen to anything. It was an amazing success, especially for the younger girl. She could listen to whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

Kouffee (tm)

I’m pleased to announce Kouffee ™! Kouffee helps you participate in the sharing economy, utilizing the spare capacity in your home coffee maker! Through research we determined that 80% of homes, including 90% of those within 5 minutes of a Starbucks or other chain coffee presence, have one or more coffee makers at home. These coffee makers are used on average fewer than 10 minutes a day, and have per cup costs of tens of cents.

Community Education Council

In April 2013 the DOE announced a plan to move my children’s school (PS 150) out of Tribeca to seed a new school in Chelsea. Parents opposed the move. Against the odds, with help from elected officials and community bodies, a team of parents built a unique relationship with DOE administrators and succeeded at keeping PS 150- now a national Blue Ribbon award winner- at home. As PTA Treasurer, I was a key member of our parent team.

Coin mining for nonprofits

Reflecting on: Thought experiment. Pretend for a moment that a single non-profit or group of non-profits worked together to set up a closed cryptocurrency mining network. This is a bunch of machines that talk to one another to maintain a ledger, accept transactions signed with keys, maintain the set of coins and coinholders, and do some kind of lightweight mining to produce new coins at some frequency. Pretend also say that although the mining pool was limited to the organizations participating in this experiment, transactions were open.